Writing Home: Creating Cultural Guides for Environmental Site Workers


Each of you comes from a different cultural landscape, each with its own demographic, racial, religious, linguistic, economic profile, (and endless other attributes). Effectively describing your community is integral to its sense of being respected by outsiders and to its capacity to support others. For example, each community carries a different sense of what kind of landscape constitutes safety, well-being, and happiness. Whatever your cultural landscape, sharing the unique nature of your commuity with global citizen experts is integral to the success of applied environmental solutions to climate change. Towards the attainment of that success, join this guided, writing intensive class to identify and reflect upon the cultural attributes that constitute your community, and how those are reflected in its landscape requirements. Identify, assess, and prioritize those sensitivities deemed most important by you for others to understand,. By semester's end, write a cultural guide for environmental site workers, leading them to a better awareness of how best to help and move through, your world. Revisions and resubmission of writing work will be emphasized, as well as camaraderie and mutual interest in each other's landscapes.
Course Attributes: BU Eth; AS HUM; AS WI I; EN H; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Writing Home: Creating Cultural Guides for Environmental Site Workers
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