Sustainable Cities


Urbanization is one of the most significant forces shaping today's environment. More than half of the world's population now lives in urban, rather than rural, areas. This migration has profound consequences for people and the planet, connecting a sustainable future to the developments in cities around the world. Many cities are already advancing sustainable policies and practices in all areas of urban systems and services - green infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management and climate mitigation. This course explores the impact of the rise of cities in an interconnected world and the efforts to sustainably address environmental issues in urban settings. This course pays particular attention to the role of planning, politics and policy. Class time will be devoted to lectures, case studies, group activities and discussion. Student learning will be assessed through exams, online assignments, and a research paper on an environmental issue in a city of the student's choice.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC

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Sustainable Cities
INSTRUCTOR: Krummenacher
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