Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums


The Sustainability Exchange engages interdisciplinary teams of students to tackle real-world energy, environmental, and sustainability problems through an experiential form of education. Students participate in projects with on- or off-campus clients, guided by faculty advisors from across the University. Teams deliver to their clients an end-product that explores "wicked" problems requiring innovative methods and solutions. Past projects have included conducting greenhouse gas inventories for a community organization; developing a tool to screen University investments for sustainability parameters; developing a sustainability plan for a local nonprofit; addressing water savings initiatives for local breweries; and assessing the vulnerability of city sanitation systems. New projects and clients are introduced every semester. Team-based projects are complemented by seminars that explore communications, project management, data visualization, problem-solving strategies, and the environmental, social, and economic context of Saint Louis. The course is designed primarily for undergraduates, with preference given to seniors. Registration for this course is direct to the waitlist, and students are selected by application. The application can be found here . The deadline for the application is April 24th.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; FA CPSC

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Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums
INSTRUCTOR: Williams, Krummenacher, Solberg, Knipp, VanRiper, Bumpers
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