Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums


The Sustainability Exchange engages interdisciplinary teams of students to tackle real-world energy, environmental, and sustainability problems through an experiential form of education. Students participate in projects with on- or off-campus clients developed with and guided by faculty advisors from across the University. Teams deliver to their clients an end-product that explores "wicked" problems requiring innovative methods and solutions. Past projects have included investigating soil impacts of de-icing practices on campus, collecting data on inequitable trash collection in neighborhoods, working with St. Louis City's building division to make buildings more energy efficient, developing an understanding of how buildings impact birds on campus, and analyzing the performance and viability of sustainable investments. Upcoming projects are still being finalized and may include mitigating plastic pollution in the Mississippi, creating and publishing an illustrated book on the social, cultural, and ecological importance of Forest Park, and assisting with the planning and development of a rain-scaping proposal for a St. Louis City neighborhood.Team-based projects are complemented by seminars that explore problem solving strategies and methodologies drawn from a wide range of creative practices, including design, engineering, and science, as well as contemporary topics in energy, environment, and sustainability. Students will draw on these topics to influence their projects. The course is designed primarily for undergraduates, with preference given to seniors. Registration for this course is direct to the waitlist, followed by submitting an application which can be found at Submit your completed application by 5pm on Monday, April 24. Faculty will review applications and begin notifying students of acceptance by 5pm on Tuesday, May
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; FA CPSC

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Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums
INSTRUCTOR: Williams, Krummenacher, Solberg, Knipp, VanRiper, Bumpers
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