Sustainability in Business


In today's complex business environment, organizations are constantly challenged to develop and execute innovative policies and processes that ensure profitable growth. Some leaders believe that the sole purpose of business is to maximize shareholder wealth and that profitability (or fiscal sustainability) is not compatible with environmental responsibility. In reality, ecological and economic performance need not-and should not-be mutually exclusive. Fortunately, the outmoded mindset of "profit-at-any-cost" is beginning to shift as organizations recognize the importance of adopting balanced business practices that promote economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental quality. Organizations that embed sustainability into their corporate strategies increase operational efficiency by using resources more responsibly and minimizing waste. In an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, sustainability has become a source of competitive advantage through which an organization can have a positive impact not only on the "bottom line" but also on the environment and society. In this course, we explore key concepts, debates, and issues driving sustainability in business. We will also look at various sustainability tools, principles, and frameworks that business can use to better understand the natural systems from which sustainability is derived and upon which all organisms and organizations rely to sustain their own existence.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC

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Sustainability in Business
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