To Sustainability and Beyond: People, Planet, Prosperity


This transdisciplinary class delves into environmental, social, and economic dimensions of our world to achieve a holistic understanding of sustainability problems and solutions. To Sustainability and Beyond establishes a crucial foundation for a concept widely misunderstood in environmental work, business, and policy. We explore foundational principles through readings, discussions, group work, case studies, and projects. Guest experts visit weekly to provide exposure to sustainability paths and professions across academic, nonprofit, and policy sectors. Throughout the semester, students work hands-on in teams to deploy a public installation that will engage their community in exploring the complexity of a sustainability issue, and prompt action toward a sustainable future. Students will leave with the ability to integrate knowledge and methods from different disciplines and apply the principle of sustainability to any future career or endeavor. This course is for first-year (non-transfer) students only.
Course Attributes: EN S; FYS; AS SSC; BB; BU SCI; FA SSC; AR SSC

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To Sustainability and Beyond: People, Planet, Prosperity
INSTRUCTOR: Trivers, VanRiper
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