To be eligible for such Honors, you must have maintained a 3.5 grade point average through the final semester.

The Program’s recommendation for Honors is based on grade point average (GPA), and submission of a Senior Honors Thesis.  Be aware that conferral of Honors requires the recommendation not only of the major department but also of the Committee on Honors of the College of Arts and Sciences.  

The Program’s guidelines for levels of Senior Honors are as follows:

  1. A.B. cum laude:  a minimum GPA of 3.5, and a satisfactory Senior Honors Thesis.
  2. A.B. magna cum laude:  a minimum GPA of 3.65, and an outstanding Senior Honors Thesis.
  3. A.B. summa cum laude:  a minimum GPA of 3.8, and an exceptional Senior Honors Thesis, 

The Senior Honors thesis should reflect substantial effort.  It should begin with an introduction putting the work into an environmental studies context while reviewing relevant literature.  A methods section, more extensive than a journal article’s, should demonstrate that the student understands the methods used.  Results and discussion may be combined or presented separately.  Tables, figures, and bibliographies should be in a standard form.  As a student rarely completely solves a problem within the available time, an indication of what should be done next is often appropriate. 

The Honors Thesis will be read by a committee** of at least three faculty members and its merit evaluated in accord with the level of Honors considered.  The student should select a faculty member to guide the generation of this thesis the semester before the work is to begin.  The Honors Thesis should be completed and given to the student’s committee members by Spring Break of their senior year.

I agree to participate as a reader and advisor for tis students as they complete a thesis (please sign below.)

Time Line – Senior Year, for students graduating in May.

  • End of October (Senior year) students should have turned in a prospectus of their project to their faculty sponsor.
  • Middle of February, students should have turned in a draft of their thesis to their faculty sponsor for suggested revisions.
  • Final version of the project is due Monday, after Spring Break to the committee**.  A final copy of the thesis, with all the changes requested by the committee is due in April.
  • Students must register for EnSt 498 (Fall) and EnSt 499 (Spring) in order to receive credit for their Honors Thesis.
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