International Climate Negotiation Seminar


This course is designed to prepare students to attend and observe annual meetings associated with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a delegate of Washington University. The course and meetings provide student delegates with a unique educational experience to observe the development of international climate policy through interdisciplinary negotiations and interactions inside the negotiating space. Students see the interaction between climate policy, science and technology as they identify and analyze policy decisions across the international climate regime. The COP 29 meeting will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from Monday, November 11, 2024 to Friday, November 22, 2024. While the number of students who can attend meetings is limited by the United Nations, we will do our best to have course participants attend one week of the COP. Course enrollment is limited. Indicate your interest by placing yourself on the waitlist and completing an application.The cost of meeting attendance is partially covered by the College of Arts & Sciences and need based support is available. More information on cost is included on the course FAQ page. Pre-requisite: junior standing. Contact the instructor with questions at Registration for this course is direct to the waitlist, and students are selected by application. The application can be found here . The deadline for the application is 5 PM on April 24th.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC

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International Climate Negotiation Seminar
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